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There is another family set within our household - Hunter (dad), Ice (mom) and Rin (daughter) are the house guards and they always keep in mind that no matter what plastic noises are made (from anywhere within home), they are bound to trot towards the sound source and wait for food with wagging tails! They freely roam around, sometimes even getting our bed space and fan-space too (most especially Rin who loves to sit right in front of the electric fan) but that is okay. They are welcome to do so. Hunter is like a teenage grandpa who really likes attention and bread. Ice would rather sit away from the crowd and hog any carpet she sees. Rin barks with a very high-pitch note and is very very spoiled. They all like pizza, sleeping where the aircon is (well, sometimes) and enjoy doing wall-rubs.

Ah, German Shepherds. You gotta love them. <3 This be the first time I shoot them decently. We were out where the sun was and it was a pleasant morning to photograph them.

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